Updatable, unobtrusive Solidity authorization pattern
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Fully updatable unobtrusive auth

Provides a flexible and updatable auth pattern which is completely separate from application logic. By default, the auth modifier will restrict function-call access to the including contract owner and the including contract itself.

In addition, fine-grained function access can be controlled by specifying an authority - a contract which implements the DSAuthority interface to define custom access permissions.

Dappsys provides a couple of ready-made authority contracts, ds-guard and ds-roles, which can be used as authorities where updatable fine-grained permissioned auth is required.


The auth modifier provided by DSAuth triggers the internal isAuthorized function to require that the msg.sender is authorized ie. the sender is either:

  1. the contract owner;
  2. the contract itself;
  3. or has been granted permission via a specified authority.
function myProtectedFunction() auth {}


setOwner(address owner_)

Set a new owner (requires auth)

setAuthority(DSAuthority authority_)

Set a new authority (requires auth)