An Atlassian confluence client for .NET
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…o many "netstandard" issues with 461. Migrated the code to use Newtonsoft.Json

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This is a simple REST based Confluence client, written for Greenshot, by using Dapplo.HttpExtension

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The Confluence client supports most REST methods, and has a fluent API for building a CQL (Confluence Query Language) string to search with.

An example on how to use this Confluence client:

var confluenceClient = ConfluenceClient.Create(new Uri("https://confluence"));
confluenceClient.SetBasicAuthentication(username, password);
var query = Where.And(Where.Type.IsPage, Where.Text.Contains("Test Home"));
var searchResult = await confluenceClient.Content.SearchAsync(query, limit:1);
foreach (var content in searchResult.Results)

If you want to extend the API, for example to add logic for a plugin, you can write an extension method to extend the IConfluenceClientPlugins. Your "plugin" extension will now be available, if the developer has a using statement of your namespace, on the .Plugins property of the IConfluenceClient