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DAppNode Migration guide to OpenVPN

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DAppNode Migration guide to Open VPN

DAppNode is continuously evolving to enhance the performance, security, and privacy delivered to #nodlers.

In this improvement path, we are proud of pre-releasing DappNode 0.2.0 in which we migrate from l2tp to Open VPN looking for an even more convenient VPN scheme for DAppNode users.

Still, Please note that this is not yet released to production. We are working hard to migrate the current user base and release a new ISO and installation script with OpenVPN.

OpenVPN allows a much smoother operation for every user disregardless of their client machine OS.

This is a major change in DAppNode, that breaks compatibility with the current VPN system, so we want to ensure that we provide you with all the info needed, to ensure an easy and troubleless migration.

Important for every user:

  • l2tp and OpenVPN can't run at the same time, so once you update to Open VPN, either with an installation script or using the ADMIN UI, your old credentials and VPN won´t work anymore

  • Until you download your new credentials you won't be able to access the Admin UI (see exception in the last bullet point)

  • Credentials generation is slightly different, once you have used an OTP link and downloaded the credentials, those credentials will be expired and you won't be able to download them again, you will get an error if you try to access to an old link that has already been used.

  • All your created devices in the former VPN version will be erased and you will have to create them again once updated to open VPN, sorry for this, we thought in a way to avoid it but it was not possible.

  • If you run DappNode in a physical server with Wifi connectivity, you will still be able to access the ADMIN UI after the update connecting your client to the DappNode wifi hotspot.

⚠️ First thing to do, install an Open VPN Client in your device. You will need it to connect to your DappNode with your new OpenVPN credentials

Recommended Open VPN clients

These are the recommended Open VPN clients for each OS:

Open VPN client installation guide

How to upgrade to DAppNode 0.2.0 (Open VPN)

Now that you already have your OpenVPN client you are ready to update your DAppNode and receive your new OpenVPN credentials. You have three methods to upgrade your DAppNode to Open VPN:

Via script:

If you can't connect to your DAppNode server connecting to the Dappnode Wifi hotspot, this is the recommended way. If you have ssh access and feel comfortable with the terminal you will immediately get your new credentials.

  1. Open your server terminal and run the following command sudo wget -O - | sudo UPDATE=true bash

  2. You will get a new link and QR to the web from where you have to download your new credentials

  3. Access the provided link and download the ovpn file in your client machine.

  1. Connect to the newly added Open VPN profile and access again your ADMIN UI

Via ADMIN UI update button

With this method, once you hit the update button, your former l2tp VPN credentials won't be useful anymore and you won´t be able to access the admin UI unless you are connected to the DAppNode Wifi hotspot.

You will need to access your server via ssh, and once you do it, you will get your new credentials in the terminal screen.

In the update process and before hitting update, you will see a warning with a link to this info.

Hit update and wait till the update process ends.

Just open your client device command line and type ssh username@yourServerIP. If you have not changed the username or don't know it, the user would be "root".

Once you are connected to the server you will find a new URL from which you will be able to download your new credentials file:

  1. Access the provided link and download the ovpn file in your client machine.

  1. Connect to the newly added Open VPN profile and access again your ADMIN UI

Via WIFI hotspot

If you have a physical DAppNode and can connect your client device to the Wifi hotspot, you will find the process so easy. You can just hit update connected to the server via Wifi not VPN, and at the end of the update you just have to go to devices and copy the new admin link to download and install your VPN credentials to connect to your DAppNode when you do not have access to the Wifi hotspot.


  • I do not get a QR link after running the installation script

    Reconnect to the server via ssh and you should get it

  • The admin credentials expired

    Connect via ssh to the server and run the command dappnode_get dappnode_admin

  • I can´t import the file in Linux

    Make sure you have the network-manager-openvpn package installed. (see instructions for Linux in this article)

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