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Technical issues

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Known breaks

Repeated volume mappings


When trying to do a core update from versions 0.2.13 0.2.10 0.2.12, commit: 4c04b7b7

This error will happen

Command failed: docker-compose -f DNCORE/docker-compose-ethchain.yml up -d Duplicate mount points: [ethchaindnpdappnodeeth_data:/root/.local/share/io.parity.ethereum:rw, ethchaindnpdappnodeeth_data:/root/.local/share/io.parity.ethereum:rw]

Effectively trapping the DAppNode in that versions because no core update is possible.


  1. Manually install DAPPMANAGER version 0.1.13: http://my.dappnode/#/installer/%2Fipfs%2FQmUnBdxJBFxGhhM3ryLSgXwWaKpnjjFkcTHgfYuNdyuf65
  2. Do a core update: http://my.dappnode/#/installer/

Cause: DAPPMANAGER interprets docker volume paths slightly different than docker generating invalid docker-compose due to volume mapping repetition.

ADMIN <-> DAPPMANAGER compatibility table

ADMIN versions DAPPMANAGER versions Change
0.2.10 0.2.20, 0.2.21 Changes in data structure, WAMP subscriptions and data validation
0.2.9 0.2.16 - 0.2.19 dyndns migration, DAppNode identity is fetch from a different WAMP endpoint
0.2.8, < 0.2.15, <
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