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Troubleshoot mountpoints

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DAppNode can automatically detect and mount external SSD drives connected via USB, thanks to a fork of a utility called usbmount. If you plugged your drive and you cannot see it in the list of available mountpoints, check the following points.

Partition format

The most likely issue is you used a drive which is not formatted with a format natively compatible with DAppNode OS. We don't support partitions in NTFS (Windows) or APFS, HFS+, etc. (MacOS). The recommended filesystem format is ext4, but you can also use FAT32.

Disk not formatted

Make sure your disk is formatted with a valid partition table and partitions. Use a utility like gparted to accomplish that.

Internal disks

If you added a disk internally in your DAppNode, it's not going to be mounted automatically, and you will need to configure it manually adding an entry in /etc/fstab. As a reference you can follow this guide

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