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Zenhub Methodology

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  • Add new items into New Issues
  • Then if that issue can be solved now, move it to Backlog. If it will be solved in the future with no rush, move it to Icebox
  • Once you start working on issue, move it to In Progress, so others know that you are doing that
  • Once you are done with it, move it to Review/QA.
  • Some else should review it and approve it, then move it to Done. It will stay there after being completed but before merging its branch.
  • After merging the PR or closing the issue move it to Closed, but this step should happen automatically.

Solving an issue

  1. Create a branch with the issue number and its description. For example: 43_fix_launch_button, 120_improve_performance. It the branch is not related to a specific issue do the same without prefixing it with a number.

  2. There should always be a PR open for the next version. Go there an edit the description to add the fix you are doing. Link it to a specific issue if it was open for that purpose or reference it in the PR body if it fixes multiple issues. Just type: fixes #32 (number of the issue) and github will link the issue to the PR, closing it upon merge (source).

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