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Lightning Network DAppNode Package

DAppNodeStore Available

This package makes it easy to deploy a Lightning Network Daemon in a DAppNode. It also includes a web interface Ride The Lightning to manage the node.


The Bitcoin Lightning Network: Paper (PDF)

Warning ⚠️

Both LND and RTL are beta software. Don't be completely #reckless.

It is recommended to save backups every time you update the package, or even from time to time with a cron job. For many reasons we don't save any seed to restore the wallet, and having an up to date backup is crucial to not lose any funds in case something bad happens.

Backup LND data

LND data is stored permanently in a docker volume, but it is recommended to save it apart in case of an update or migration.

When you enter the LN package (under Packages/ My Packages) you will see a Backup tab

Hit the "Backup now" button and select where do you want to keep your backup file safe. A tar.xz file will be downloaded to the selected path.

Restore LND data

If anything happens with your LN node and you have your backup you can always restore it from the ADMIN UI. Just go to Packages / My Packages and select the LN package and the backup tab. Aside the backup button you will see a "Restore" button.

Just hit that sweet restore button, select your tar.xz backup file and confirm.

After the backup file is uploaded your LN node is restored.

Using the LN package

**Before downloading the Ligtning Package, we assume previous understanding of the Lightning Network. Otherwise, please have a look at the following documents:

lightning-network-summary, The Bitcoin Lightning Network: Paper (PDF) and other valuable resources about LN here**

  • This package contains both Lightning Network Daemon and Ride The Lightning web interface

  • You need to have the Bitcoin node package (without pruning) installed and fully synced for the package to work properly. You don't need to wait for the Bitcoin Core node to be fully synced to install the LN package, but it won't be functional until the node is synced.

  • The private keys of your LN wallet are stored in your LN node data volume. Please follow the guide about backups in this document to prevent loss of funds. We don't offer a seed backup mechanism so this is the only way to recover your funds in case something goes wrong.

  • When installing LN in DAppNode there will be two sets of username/password:

    • One to connect to the Bitcoin node, RPCUSER and RPCPASS (make sure they are the same as the Bitcoin package) and
    • Another one, RTL_PASSWORD, to allow access to the web UI and execute transactions/use the node.
    • Remember to change these if you are sharing your DAppNode with others! Take in account that if you give admin access to your DAppNode to anyone, that access implies full control of your LN node including accessing your funds.
  • You can connect your favourite LN mobile wallet by opening a private channel with your node.

  • When updating this package, volumes will not be affected. You can access an updated version of your LN node witbout risk of losing any funds. Do not remove the volume though, or you will lose the funds on your node if you have not followed the backup instructions.

Accessing the ADMIN UI

Once the node is synced, you can access your LN node admin UI here

How to download macaroons

Usually Lightning Network applications require files called macaroons for authorizations to perform operations on the LND node. There are many types depending on the level of access.

To download the admin macaroon, you should go to the Admin panel of DAppnode:

Packages -> My packages -> Lightning-Network -> File manager

Then input in the "Download from DNP" field:


How to use Joule extension with DAppNode

Joule is an extension available for many browsers which lets you use your node to make payments, invoices, open channels and more. Check the website:

  • To run Joule, first you need to download these macaroons in a safe folder, as described above:
  • When asked on the type of node, select Remote and then enter the following url:


    • You will need to accept the SSL certificate in the next step
  • Upload the macaroons, choose a password to encrypt the data, and you're ready to go!

  • Enjoy! But be aware both LND and RTL are beta software .Only use funds you can afford to lose. Don't be completely #Reckless ;)


  • git

    Install git commandline tool.

  • docker

    Install docker. The community edition (docker-ce) will work. In Linux make sure you grant permissions to the current user to use docker by adding current user to docker group, sudo usermod -aG docker $USER. Once you update the users group, exit from the current terminal and open a new one to make effect.

  • docker-compose

    Install docker-compose

Note: Make sure you can run git, docker ps, docker-compose without any issue and without sudo command.


docker-compose build



docker-compose up -d

View logs

docker-compose logs -f


docker-compose down

Environment variables

You can edit the docker-compose.yml and add extra options, such a:

name default
RPCUSER dappnode
RPCPASS dappnode
NETWORK mainnet


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 - see the LICENSE file for details

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