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Dapr 0.2.0

We're happy to announce the release of Dapr 0.2.0.

This release focuses on community-driven components (BIG thank you to everyone involved, you rock), bug fixes across the Dapr runtime and CLI, updates to documentation and samples and the addition of E2E tests.

Visit the getting started page to get started with Dapr.

Upgrading to Dapr 0.2.0

To get the latest bits, follow the instructions here to download the latest and greatest CLI release and binaries.

Once you have the Dapr CLI in your path, run dapr init. Wait for the update to finish, and you're good to go!


If you previously installed Dapr on your Kubernetes cluster using the Dapr CLI, first download the latest CLI release as outlined above.

Once you have the CLI, run:

dapr uninstall --kubernetes
dapr init --kubernetes

If installed Dapr previously via Helm, run the following command to upgrade:

helm upgrade dapr dapr/dapr --set global.tag=0.2.0

Note: If you installed with a different chart name, use helm upgrade <your-chart-name>

Dapr Runtime

Added MongoDB as a State Store (w/ transactions)

Added Cassandra as a State Store

Added etcd as a State Store

Added Google Cloud Firestore as a State Store

Added Consul as a State Store

Added Memcached as a State Store

Added Zookeeper as a State Store

Added NATS as a Pub/Sub message bus

Added Azure Service Bus as a Pub/Sub message bus

Added Hashicorp Vault as a Secrets Store

Added Kafka bindings SASL authentication

Added Azure Monitor tracing exporter

Added TLS support for Redis Streams

Added E2E tests

Fixed Issue where rejected Pub/Sub messages were marked as processed successfully

Fixed Issue where headers were dropped when invoking actors

Improved Testability of the Kubernetes package

Fixed ETag error on state deletion of a given key

Added Retry mechanism for loading components, enabling running side-by-side with Service Meshes

Fixed Issue where Kubernetes services were not removed when a Dapr enabled deployment is deleted

Added Go linter checks


Added Ability to run Actor placement service and Redis in a Docker network

Fixed Issue where non-default component YAMLs could not be used when executing dapr run

Fixed Issue where the Actor placement container does not update on dapr init


Changed Testing framework to XUnit

Removed Redundant using statements

Updated Actor documentation

Removed Redundant null checks

Updated to use span slicing instead of string substrings for Dapr format TimeSpan string


Added A C++ SDK

Rust SDK

Added A Rust SDK

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