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Dapr 0.3.0

We're happy to announce the release of Dapr 0.3.0.

This release focused on improvements to our end-to-end tests infrastructure, making Service Discovery into pluggable components to support more hosting platforms, adding a few new components, improving CLI error messages and stability, and resolving bugs on and improving the Dotnet SDK.

Visit the getting started page to get started with Dapr.

Upgrading to Dapr 0.3.0

To get the latest bits, follow the instructions here to download the latest and greatest CLI release and binaries.


Once you have the Dapr CLI in your path:

dapr uninstall --all
dapr init

Wait for the update to finish, and you're good to go!


If you previously installed Dapr on your Kubernetes cluster using the Dapr CLI, first download the latest CLI release as outlined above.

Once you have the CLI, run:

dapr uninstall --kubernetes
dapr init --kubernetes

If installed Dapr previously via Helm, run the following command to upgrade:

helm upgrade dapr dapr/dapr --set global.tag=0.3.0

Note: If you installed with a different chart name, use helm upgrade <your-chart-name>

Dapr Runtime

Decoupled Service Discovery from the runtime by making discovery a pluggable component

Added RabbitMQ as a Pub/Sub Message Bus

Improved Error message for unsupported state store for actors

Improved Go import statements

Improved End-To-End tests infrastructure and helper utils

Added End-To-End state management tests

Added End-To-End bindings tests


Added Flags to be presented as environment variables

Changed Name of send command to invoke

Added The ability to choose an installation path for Dapr binaries

Improved Error message when Docker isn't running


Fixed Unregister timer error

Added Serialization of ReminderInfo and Timer

Added Ability for actor type to be specified during registration

Changed Stylecop.Analyzers to be a private dependency


Fixed Hello World node sample hanging if a state store isn't enabled

Improved Structure for Hello World and Hello World Kubernetes

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