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  • v0.5.0
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@dapr-bot dapr-bot released this Mar 12, 2020 · 32 commits to master since this release

Dapr 0.5.0

We're happy to announce the release of Dapr 0.5.0!

This release introduces a new Secrets API to get application secrets, comprehensive metrics for the Dapr runtime as well as Dapr's system components, the ability to scope components to a namespace and/or a list of authorized apps, improved logging with JSON output, tracing support for Pub/Sub, new components, retries for bindings and general bug fixes and stability improvements.

We would like to extend our thanks to all new and existing contributors who helped make this release happen.

If you're new to Dapr, visit the getting started page and familiarize yourself with Dapr.

Docs have been updated with all the new features and changes of this release. To get started with new capabilities introduced in this release, go to the How To section.

Note: This release contains a few minor breakings. See breaking changes.

See this section on upgrading Dapr to version 0.5.0.

New in this release

Dapr Runtime

Added API for getting application secrets from any Dapr supported Secret Store (Thanks @cmendible)

Added Prometheus metrics API endpoints (Thanks @jjcollinge)

Added Ability to scope components to a namespace, as well as to a list of authorized apps

Improved Host IP choosing process in self-hosted mode

Fixed Case where user app returned an error and the runtime would return success to an input binding, causing the message to be removed without being processed

Fixed Crash in service invocation over gRPC with no data in payload

Added Tracing for Pub/Sub messages

Added Metrics groups including process and runtime level metrics

Improved Logging messages and error details for components

Added JSON formatted logs

Fixed Possible crash where service invocations were allowed before certificate was issued (Thanks @lynn-orrell)

Improved Docker build to allow multi-arch images

Fixed Custom Content-Type being overridden in service invocation

Renamed HOST_IP environment variable to DAPR_HOST_IP to manually set the Host IP for the runtime

Changed HTTP Get State API to return 204 instead of 200 when a key does not exist


Added AWS Secret Manager Secret Store (Thanks @sayboras)

Added GCP Secret Manager Secret Store (Thanks @dev-drprasad)

Added Ability to set the toNumber on a per-call basis for the Twilio binding (Thanks @ksivamuthu)

Updated Secret Store Index (Thanks @RicardoNiepel)

Updated Azure Event Hubs binding to use Event Processor Host (Thanks @abhirockzz)

Fixed SQL Server returning error for key not found


Changed dapr list and dapr run to rely on metadata API, fixing sync issues and zombie processes

Added -k shorthands for all Kubernetes specific commands (Thanks @CarlosLanderas)

Fixed Error message showing on with dapr uninstall --kubernetes even if successful

Fixed One line installer downloading wrong version

Changed All dapr-id occurrences to app-id

Fixed K8s client init when multiple contexts exist in KUBECONFIG (Thanks @CarlosLanderas)

Updated CLI to provide warning when overriding local component YAMLs

Added Ability to run CLI with the Dapr runtime without an app

System Components

Added Metrics endpoint for Sidecar-Injector

Added Metrics endpoint for Kubernetes Operator

Added Metrics endpoint for Sentry CA

Added Metrics endpoint for Actors Placement Service


Added Secrets API support

Improved Client APIs for gRPC

Refactored Separate Clients into a single API Client

Added Concurrency model for state operations (Thanks @rynowak)

Added Consistency model options for state operations (Thanks @rynowak)

Added editorconfig and removed Stylecop.Analyzers dependency

Updated Actor serialization to JSON by default

Updated Usage of Newtonsoft.Json package to System.Text.Json

Java SDK

Fixed Hot monos in gRPC client

Added Secrets API support

Fixed Swallowing actor exceptions

Added Strongly typed actors


Fixed Node.JS subscriber in Pub/Sub sample

Fixed Output message for Python in Bindings sample


Added Observability (metrics/logs) concepts

Added Grafana dashboard template

Changed Dapr ID to App ID for consistency

Fixed Pub/Sub API reference (Thanks @lynn-orrel)

Updated Azure Event Hubs binding spec

Refactored Concepts and API references structure

Added Monitoring tools(metric and logs) setup How-To tutorial

Added Secrets API How-To tutorial

Updated Diagrams

Added AWS Secret Manager How-To tutorial

Added GCP Secret Manager How-To tutorial

Added Azure Storage Queues binding spec

Added Azure KeyVault documentation

Added Component authorization How-To tutorial

Added Documentation for metrics monitoring tools

Added Documentation for logs monitoring tools

Added Cheat-sheet for common diagnostics queries

Upgrading to Dapr 0.5.0

If you're upgrading from an older version of Dapr to 0.5.0, follow the steps here to ensure a smooth upgrade. You know, the one where you don't get red errors on the terminal.. we all hate that, right?

Local Machine / Self-hosted

Uninstall Dapr using the CLI you currently have:

dapr uninstall --all

Next, get the latest CLI following these instructions, or alternatively download the latest and greatest release from here and put the dapr binary in your PATH.

Once you have downloaded the CLI, run:

dapr init

Wait for the update to finish, and you're good to go!
Make sure you have the right runtime version (0.5.0) with:

dapr --version


Download the latest CLI release as outlined above in the Local Machine / Self-hosted section.

If you previously installed Dapr on your Kubernetes cluster using the Dapr CLI, run:

dapr uninstall --kubernetes

It's fine to ignore any errors that might show up.

If you previously installed Dapr using Helm 2.X:

helm del --purge dapr

If you previously installed Dapr using Helm 3.X:

helm uninstall dapr -n dapr-system
helm repo update

Wait until Dapr is uninstalled, and make sure the dapr-system namespace is gone.

If you installed Dapr with Helm to a namespace other than dapr-system, modify the uninstall command above to account for that.

You can now follow these instructions on how to install Dapr using Helm 3.

Alternatively, if you want to install Dapr in a dev/test setup, run:

dapr init --kubernetes

Breaking Changes

Azure Event Hubs Binding

The Azure Event Hubs binding is now using Event Processor Host to provide reliable checkpointing.
The updated YAML spec can be found here.

Host IP Environment Variable

The environment variable HOST_IP is now changed to DAPR_HOST_IP.

DAPR-ID parameter removed

When launching Dapr manually with the daprd binary, to specify the ID of the app, use app-id instead of dapr-id.

Status Code for missing key in Get State API

The HTTP Get State endpoint will now return 204 Not Found status code instead of 200 OK.

Component Secret Schema

Non Kubernetes secret stores need to add a key in addition to the name field under secretKeyRef. See an example here.

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