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Set up an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster


Deploy an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster

This guide walks you through installing an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster. If you need more information, refer to Quickstart: Deploy an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster using the Azure CLI

  1. Login to Azure
az login
  1. Set the default subscription
az account set -s [your_subscription_id]
  1. Create a resource group
az group create --name [your_resource_group] --location [region]
  1. Create an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster Use 1.13.x or newer version of Kubernetes with --kubernetes-version

Note: 1.16.x Kubernetes doesn't work with helm < 2.15.0

az aks create --resource-group [your_resource_group] --name [your_aks_cluster_name] --node-count 2 --kubernetes-version 1.14.6 --enable-addons http_application_routing --enable-rbac --generate-ssh-keys
  1. Get the access credentials for the Azure Kubernetes cluster
az aks get-credentials -n [your_aks_cluster_name] -g [your_resource_group]

(optional) Install Helm and deploy Tiller

  1. Install Helm client

  2. Create the Tiller service account

kubectl apply -f
  1. Run the following to install Tiller into the cluster
helm init --service-account tiller --history-max 200
  1. Ensure that Tiller is deployed and running
kubectl get pods -n kube-system
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