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Workshop on how to transform a simple web app in a PWA
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PWA from scratch - Oct 30, 2019 @ GATE Pisa

I created this repository for a workshop during the GDG DevFest Pisa 2019 and then I extended it for a more in-depth talk.

The aim is to transform an existent weather website into a PWA.

The codelab is organized in four steps, divided in 4 folders on this repo.

  • 0-skeleton: the weather website.
  • 1-pwa: adds the service worker, the manifest and some headers for Apple/MS devices.
  • 2-location: uses the location permissions.
  • 3-ssr: server side rendering.

How to

  • Download the repository: git clone
  • Copy the 0-skeleton folder to a working folder to preserve the original one.
  • Follow the steps in 0-skeleton/
  • Continue the tutorial following the README in each step.

Useful links

  • https-localhost: use it to test your PWA on localhost over an https connection.
  • blog-pwa: a PWA for a WordPress blog. It is a concrete example of the power of PWAs, applied to a more popular and useful use case. Live demo.
  • What Web Can Do Today: a curated list of permissions available through the browsers. Includes useful code examples.
  • Lighthouse: a powerful tool (built-in in Chrome dev tools) to test a PWA performance.
  • Google Developer page on PWAs: official PWA developer portal.

You can visit my portfolio at Here you can find my contacts if you need help!

Happy coding!

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