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Create tabs of View() output for each chained pipe
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The goal of ViewPipeSteps is to help hackers debug pipe chains in a slightly more elegant fashion. Print/View debugging isn't sexy, but instead of manually inserting %>% View() after each step, spice it up a bit by highlighting the entire chain and calling the viewPipeChain addin:

Alt Text

Alternatively, it can also serve as a more lively demonstration of the tidyverse. A teaching tool, perhaps.

Thanks to @batpigandme for the the gif!



Supported Patterns

Thanks to the work of Joachim Gassen, ViewPipeSteps now supports most piping habits and patterns. Check tools/test_cases.R for more elaborate examples.

Print to the console

Prefer to see the outputs in the console? Call the "Print Chain Pipe Steps" addin.

Alt Text

Future Work

  • Support groups and skimr::skim
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