Small poorly designed bash scripts to handle makefile and cmake templates
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#getmake getmake is a small group of poorly set bash scripts to facilitate makefile and Cmakefile integration with projects


see COPYING file for more information about it


most linux distribuitions have a .bashrc file in the user home directory, if yours doesn't you will need to make your own some distros like debian use that file for some configurations if you don't want to mix your alias with the distros ones, look at bashrc in this repository it shows what you need there so you can do your alias in a seperate .bash_aliases file

either way the alias you need to include in your file are all in .bash_aliases in this repository

your template code should live in a your home directory /Templates/code later versions will allow automatic install and configure everything for you, however for now if you want changes you need to manually by editing the .sh files

make a directory in home directory:

  • mkdir .getmake

add the following list of files in there


now you need to give them permission so they can run properly

chmod +x getmak*

and now should all be set, when you open new terminals all should be working

###quick tour

  • getmake-ls | lists your templates
  • getmake-cat filename | shows the contents of filename in templates
  • getmake-rm filename | removes filename from templates
  • getmake-add file_to_add template_name
  • getmake-edit "editor and flags" filename