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This directory is the top-level directory for the Equalizer sources.
The recommended way to 'make Equalizer' using the meta-package from
For more information, see doc/FAQ. Platform-specific READMEs are in
doc/. End-User and developer documentation can be found on the
Equalizer website at
Running Equalizer
The main example is eqPly, a scalable rendering program for polygonal
data. Furthermore, there is eqHello, a very simple Equalizer program,
eVolve, a scalable volume renderer and osgScaleViewer, an
OpenSceneGraph-based example. To run examples, simply start the
executable: debug/bin/eqPly'.
The default launch mechanism for nodes uses ssh. If your configuration
contains remote nodes, make sure a passwordless login using ssh is
possible, or reconfigure the launch command accordingly.
Directory Layout
CMake/ files for the build environment.
externals/ third-party source code used by Equalizer
libs/ the sources for all libraries
libs/collage/ the Collage network library
libs/fabric/ the Equalizer data synchronization fabric.
libs/client/ the client-side implementation of Equalizer
libs/server/ the server-side implementation of Equalizer
libs/admin/ the interface to modify the configuration of a running server
examples/ Equalizer example programs
tests/ small programs testing certain functionality (unit tests)
tools/ miscellanous tools and the server executable
Build Environment
The build environment is using CMake 2.8 or later. Furthermore, flex
and bison are needed during compilation. More details can be found in
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