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GPU affinity for NVidia Quadro cards needs at least driver release 265
on Windows 7.
Disable Aero if you plan on using fullscreen windows.
Multi-Node Configurations on Windows 7
PsExec has been used to automatically launch render client
processes. The following steps have to be taken:
- use a user which has administrator rights to connect to the nodes
- turn off User Account Control (UAC)
- disable the Windows Firewall
Otherwise, an access denied error can occur.
Launching an Equalizer application, including all render clients, can be
achieved by using a batch which does the following:
for each client node:
start psexec \\NODEx -u NODEx\RemoteAdminUser -p password -i 1 C:\Data\EQApp.exe -- --eq-client --eq-listen :<port>
for the eqServer:
start psexec \\SERVERNODE -u SERVERNODE\RemoteAdminUser -p password -i 1 C:\Data\eqServer.exe C:\Data\configs\Cave.eqc
for the application:
start psexec \\APPNODE -u APPNODE\RemoteAdminUser -p password -i 1 C:\Data\EQApp.exe
The Equalizer configuration file needs to use the correct IP addresses
and port numbers. Take care that all clients are started before the
eqServer gets started.
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