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Exploration of a long distance route WAW-ICN in search of insights.
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Data set

Data set flights-WAW-ICN.csv contains 7010 rows of data:

  • dateFrom - date of departure from WAW to ICN.
  • dateTo - date of return from ICN to WAW.
  • flightFrom - Warsaw Chopin Airport, an international airport serving Warsaw, Poland (IATA airport code).
  • flightTo - IATA Code for Incheon International Airport near Seoul, South Korea.
  • price - price of round-trip (WAW => ICN => WAW) in PLN.
  • airline - name of the airline.
  • flightDur - duration of flight one-way in hours.
  • stayLen - length of stay in South Korea (return_date - departure_date).
  • searchAdv - number of leading days before the flight search (departure_date - search_date).

Jupyter notebook

Exploration of flights-WAW-ICN.csv in search of insights.

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