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A maven plugin for vim.

tag: v0.5

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A maven plugin for vim.

Features include:

  • Project tree for file navigation and environment context management.
  • Quickfix for output of maven plugins compile,junit,checkstyle.
  • Optional single source file compilation directly with javac.
  • Compilation is background via AsyncCommand.
  • Debug using yavdb, allows debug of class main or attach to jvm debug port.
  • Junit run/quickfix/debug.
  • Dependency source file and javadoc integration. Javadoc viewing uses lynx.
  • Exctags tag navigation.
  • Auto generation of project environment ie classpath, tag files.
  • Dependency management for maven parent/child/sibling projects extracted from project poms.
  • Autocomplete on methods, auto add of imports etc is via the vjde plugin project.

See doc/maven-ide.txt for more detail.

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