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With this application you can rename and sort large amounts of photos and other files at once using a specified pattern.
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With this application you can rename and sort large amounts of photos and other files at once using a specific pattern.
It is especially useful for photos with stored EXIF data. For example, you can move the file Camera-Uploads\0024.jpg to 2015\06\2015-06-25_12-34-02.jpg automatically!


See Releases.

Attention: You may get a Windows Smartscreen warning as this program is not signed with a certificate from a certificate authority.

Current features


  • By using EXIF data
  • By using the last file change timestamp
  • Customizable pattern
    • Example output preview


  • By using EXIF data
  • By using the last file change timestamp
  • Both with a fixed pattern (/year/month/)
  • Copy or move files
  • Overwrite or duplicate files


  • Comprehensive file compatibility
    • Pictures
    • Documents
    • Music
    • Videos
  • Zoner Photo Studio backup file support
  • Progress indicator
  • Automatic updates

Future Features

  • Customizable sorting pattern

See Issues.


Please use the contact information on my website for giving me - greatly appreciated! - feedback or for questions regarding this software.


For information regarding versions newer than v1.0.0.0 see Releases.

v. - (20.05.2016)

Finally: The "Appdate"!

  • New splash screen
  • App-like layout
  • Smooth transitions
  • Minimalist design
  • Flat buttons
  • Input optimization
  • New file type dialog
  • Meaningful status bar
  • Renaming and sorting can be chosen individually
  • File extensions to in- and exclude can be chosen individually
  • Destination folders can be specified for each file type individually
  • Source files can be moved or copied
  • Target files can be overwritten or duplicated
  • Extensive settings
  • Reset settings
  • Open web help
  • Switch the splash screen off and on
  • Display and delete the log file
  • Turn warnings off and on
  • Reset feedback
  • Search for updates
  • Display application information
  • Complete restructuring of the code

v. - (07.09.2014)

Summer Update!

  • More professional design
  • Exchange of default design settings
  • Optimized skin "Classic"
  • Blue mark
  • Removed images from form background and toolbar
  • Rewrite of the registration process
  • The email address is sufficient now
  • The registration can be reset
  • Data is stored internally
  • Better email processing
  • Several bug fixes
  • Compatibility for .pdf and .gif
  • Intermediate pattern status
  • 4th generation of ToolStripMenuItems
  • Solved stream conflict

v. - (27.04.2014)

Spring Update!

  • Changed indexing procedure
  • Revised preview
  • New graphics
  • More sorted menu
  • Improved user experience
  • Some bug fixes
  • .pdf display

v. - (19.04.2014)

  • Simplification and improvement of the internal update method
  • More versatile task & progress bar integration
  • Optimized skin "Modern"
  • New icons
  • Compatibility assurance through inclusion of .dll and .pdb files

v. - (08.02.2014)

  • Intuitiveness improvements
  • Window size bug fix
  • Extended settings
  • Basic bug fixes
  • Fixed submenu options
  • Fixed indexing errors
  • Implementation of the log report

v. - (01.01.2014)

Winter Update!

  • Added settings storage
  • Some bug fixes
  • Tab fix
  • "All files" fix
  • Nightly versions replace beta versions
  • Added automatic sorting feature
  • Extended settings integrated
  • Zoner Photo Studio backup files compatibility implemented
  • Settings improved
  • Progress preview in the taskbar
  • Indication of remaining time added
  • Logo optimized
  • Modern design improved
  • Feedback for file extensions added

v. - (07.12.2013)

  • Update dialog improved
  • Does not require administrator privileges anymore
  • Choice between RC versions and BETA versions
  • Skin "Modern" improved
  • Registration window improved
  • Email support for .com addresses
  • Some bug fixes

v. - (10.11.2013)

  • Skin "Modern" improved
  • Skin change possible without restart
  • All forms are now supported
  • Feature "All files" added
  • Individual settings added
  • Settings are saved properly now
  • Own installer created
  • No need to uninstall before reinstalling
  • Automatic updating implemented

v. - (01.11.2013)

Autumn Update!

  • Complete login with Facebook is now possible
  • Renaming patterns implemented
    • Example output preview added
  • Renaming using EXIF data implemented
  • Status bar improved
  • Files that are being edited are no longer blocked by the program
  • Image preview added
    • Image navigation added
  • File size halved
  • Option subfolder added
  • Option file extensions added
  • Help revised
    • Web help added
  • Loading times shortened
  • Status display added and improved
  • Video, audio and text file compatibility added
  • Feature "All Files" added

v. - (18.09.2013)

  • Registration process improved

v. - (10.09.2013)

Initial Release

  • User interface designed
  • Code base created











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