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A UITableViewController subclass with "more" accessory view, that looks and behaves similarly to the one in the native mail app.

Alt text

I know there is a willTransitionToState: method where I could create a custom accessoryView with "More" button. But theres is no width for Delete button (which may vary for different languages) and no animation duration, so custom editing view seemed a better sollution for me.



Install CocoaPods if necessary:

$ [sudo] gem install cocoapods
$ pod setup

Change to the directory of your Xcode project:

$ cd /path/to/MyProject
$ touch Podfile
$ edit Podfile

Edit your Podfile and add DAContextMenuTableViewController:

platform :ios, '6.0'
pod 'DAContextMenuTableViewController'

Install into your Xcode project:

$ pod install

From now on open your project in Xcode from the .xcworkspace file (instead of the usual project file)

Manual Install

Just drag and drop DAContextMenuTableViewController folder into your project.


  • bounce animation
  • better handling of rotation animation
  • iOS7-like look for iOS 6 context menu action sheet