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jGauge is a JavaScript dial gauge created to be a free, lightweight, and powerful alternative to Flash-based gauges.
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jGauge is a 100% JavaScript dial gauge created to be a free, lightweight, and powerful alternative to Flash-based gauges. It can be used on web based dashboards as a speedometer style gauge.

This is a very early and unstable release "Version 0.4.0".
All future jGauge development will be hosted on github.

The repo is a roughly thrown together version of jGauge that has replaced jQuery with Raphael.  I'm aiming for better browser compatibility and a more modular/OO code design.  It's very messy and experimental as I'm still deciding the best way to add features and flexibility while keeping it's implementation simple for developers.

Initially, I'll need to spend some time putting the planned road-map features for version 0.4.0 into the code (it's still incomplete) so there is a good starting point. I'm hoping to get this done on the weekend (15 May).

For a more stable realease, please try version 0.3.0 alpha 3 hosted on Google code.
Google code will continue to host any older release, but will no longer be updated.

jGauge version 0.4.0 is currently being developed and is a complete overhaul of version 0.3.0.
So far there changes being made are:

* jQuery, jQueryRotate, and canvas have been dropped.
* I'm now using the Raphael JavaScript? framework which is much more suitable.
* There is no longer dependency on the CSS reference making jGauge much more 'self-contained'.
* Graphics are vector by default.
* I've shuffled around the internal object relationships to allow for multiple needles and lables.
* Plans for an automatic secondary needle/marker dynamically showing min, max, avg, etc.
* Plans for an automatic secondary range dynamically showing min and max value.
* So far all these changes have made jGauge's total file size 30% smaller!
* Version 0.4.0 also offers greater compatibility and does this without hacky JavaScript exceptions for IE.

For more information on the jGauge project see:
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