A Keychain Wrapper for iOS and OS X
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MCSMKeychainItem (or more specifically MCSMGenericKeychainItem) allows you to create, fetch and remove Keychain Items from the Keychain on iOS and OS X using the same simple Objective-C API.

Generic Keychain Item allows you to store a Username and Password for a given Service. Doing this with MCSMGenericKeychainItem is easy:

//First Check to see if a Generic Keychain Item for the Service and Username already exists

MCSMGenericKeychainItem *existingKeychainItem = [MCSMGenericKeychainItem genericKeychainItemForService:service username:username];

//If a Generic Keychain Item already exists remove it to prevent duplicates
  [existingKeychainItem removeFromKeychain];

//Add the new Generic Keychain Item                             
[MCSMGenericKeychainItem genericKeychainItemWithService:service username:username password:password];

When you want to fetch the Generic Keychain Item for a Service and Username you need to do:

MCSMGenericKeychainItem *keychainItem = [MCSMGenericKeychainItem genericKeychainItemForService:service username:username];

You can then get the password using the password property:

NSString *password = keychainItem.password;

And to remove it from the Keychain just call removeFromKeychain:

[keychainItem removeFromKeychain];