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@dariasor dariasor released this Apr 27, 2019

  1. All training and evaluation is now capable of using weights on individual data points. Weight column should be marked as "(weight)" in the attribute file.
  2. ag_addbag command deprecated
  3. New command vis_correlations, produces list of Spearman's correlation scores between all pairs of active features. Works only in the absence of missing values.
  4. bt_train outputs either a correlation table or information on missing values for active features
  5. ag_fs outputs core_features.txt: list of selected features sorted by the level of importance
  6. Input in vis_* -o parameter is now suffix instead of the whole file name, the whole file name is made of feature names combined with the provided suffix.
  7. Removed type check for non-active attributes
  8. Bagging recommendations changed to increase exponentially
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