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import sys
import os
import time
import json
import random
from import pubsub_v1
import requests
project_id = os.getenv('PROJECT_ID')
if not project_id:
raise ValueError('PROJECT_ID env variable is not set')
topic = os.getenv('INPUT_TOPIC')
if not topic:
raise ValueError('INPUT_PUBSUB env variable is not set')
device_id = os.getenv('DEVICE_ID')
if not device_id:
raise ValueError('DEVICE_ID env variable is not set')
aircraft_json_url = os.getenv('AIRCRAFT_JSON_URL')
if not aircraft_json_url:
raise ValueError('AIRCRAFT_JSON_URL env variable is not set')
r = requests.get(aircraft_json_url)
if r.status_code != 200:
raise ValueError(f'Error getting aircraft json data :{r.text}')
aircraft_data = r.json()
aircraft_count = len(aircraft_data['aircraft'])
print(f'Messages: {aircraft_count}')
message = {
'device_id' : device_id,
'aircraft_data' : [aircraft_data]
client = pubsub_v1.PublisherClient()
full_topic_name = client.topic_path(project_id, topic)
message_bytes = json.dumps(message).encode('utf-8')
print(f'Message to be sent to {full_topic_name}:')
future_id = client.publish(full_topic_name, message_bytes)
event_id = future_id.result()
print(f'Message sent => Event id: {event_id}')
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