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import base64
import json
import os
import hashlib
from import bigquery
from google.api_core.exceptions import NotFound
from datetime import datetime
def get_table_and_bq_client(dataset_id, table_name):
Returns the table instance and the BigQuery client `(table, bq_client)`.
bq_client = bigquery.Client()
dataset_ref = bq_client.dataset(dataset_id)
except NotFound:
raise ValueError(f'The dataset {dataset_id} was not found')
table_ref = dataset_ref.table(table_name)
table = bq_client.get_table(table_ref)
except NotFound:
raise ValueError(f'The table {table_name} could not be found in the dataset {dataset_id}')
return (table, bq_client)
def map_aircraft_to_record(aircrafts, message_now, device_id):
Maps the `aircraft` entity to a BigQuery record and its unique id.
Returns `(unique_ids, records)`
def copy_data(aircraft):
result = {
'hex': aircraft.get('hex'),
'squawk': aircraft.get('squawk'),
'flight': aircraft.get('flight'),
'lat': aircraft.get('lat'),
'lon': aircraft.get('lon'),
'nucp': aircraft.get('nucp'),
'seen_pos': aircraft.get('seen_pos'),
'altitude': aircraft.get('altitude'),
'vert_rate': aircraft.get('vert_rate'),
'track': aircraft.get('track'),
'speed': aircraft.get('speed'),
'messages': aircraft.get('messages'),
'seen': aircraft.get('seen'),
'rssi': aircraft.get('rssi'),
'device_id': device_id,
'timestamp': datetime.utcfromtimestamp(float(message_now)).isoformat()
result_json = json.dumps(result)
result_hash = hashlib.sha512(result_json.encode('utf-8')).hexdigest()
unique_id = f'{message_now}_{result_hash}'
result['created_at'] =
return (unique_id, result)
return zip( *map( copy_data, aircrafts ) )
def create_records(data):
Converts the received `data` into `(unique_ids, records)`
device_id = data['device_id']
aircraft_data = data['aircraft_data']
def flattener( aircraft_message ):
message_now = aircraft_message['now']
return map_aircraft_to_record( aircraft_message['aircraft'], message_now, device_id )
unique_ids, records = zip(*map(flattener, aircraft_data))
flatten = lambda l: [item for sublist in l for item in sublist]
return (flatten(unique_ids), flatten(records))
def insert_records(data, table, bq_client):
Insert the `data` aircraft messages into `table` with `bq_client`
unique_ids, records = create_records(data)
results = bq_client.insert_rows_json(table, records, row_ids=unique_ids, skip_invalid_rows=True)
def get_error_data(result):
index = result.get('index')
record = records[index] if index != None else None
return (record, result.get('errors'))
errors = list(map(get_error_data, results)) if results else []
total_inserted = len(records) - len(errors)
return (total_inserted, errors)
def process_reporter(data_inserter):
Process device aircraft data
total_inserted, errors = data_inserter()
print(f'INFO: Total inserted records: {total_inserted}')
if errors:
for (record, err) in errors:
record_json = json.dumps(record) if record else 'NotFound'
joined_errors = json.dumps(err)
print(f'ERROR: Error inserting {record_json}, Errors : {joined_errors}')
global_bq_client = None
global_table = None
def handler(event, context):
Receives an aircraft device message from a PubSub topic, and inserts it in a BigQuery table
dataset_id = os.getenv('DATASET_ID')
if not dataset_id:
raise ValueError('The DATASET_ID environment variable is not set')
table_id = os.getenv('TABLE_ID')
if not table_id:
raise ValueError('The TABLE_ID environment variable is not set')
global global_bq_client, global_table
if global_bq_client == None or global_table == None:
global_table, global_bq_client = get_table_and_bq_client(dataset_id, table_id)
data = event.get('data')
if not data:
raise ValueError('No data attribute was found on the event')
message_raw = base64.b64decode(data).decode('utf-8')
message_json = json.loads(message_raw)
process_reporter(lambda : insert_records(message_json, global_table, global_bq_client))
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