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ROS Ignite Academy : ROS in 5 Days projects
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ROS Ignite Academy : ROS in 5 Days projects

I am playing with ROS Ignite Academy and ROS. This repo will contain all the code I wrote there.

Unit 1: Intro

  • my_package: The simplest package just to print "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope"... Why that sounds familiar.... ;-)

Unit 2: Topics

  • read_odometry: Node subscribed to the odometry topic(/odom) and also compile a creates a message Age.
  • simple_topic_publisher: Publish velocity commands(Twist) to the /cmd_vel topic to move the robot.
  • topics_mini_project: Reads the laser scan messages(/kobuki/laser/scan) and command the robot to move avoiding hitting the wall.

Unit 3: Services

  • A service client to delete an object from gazebo.
  • unit_3_services: Create a node calling the /execute_trajectory service to move the arm on a trajectory in a file.
  • unit_3_service_bb8: Create a services for moving a BB8 model in Gazebo on a square trajectory with fixed and custom square side.

Unit 4: Actions

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