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Repository containing hardware addons for the Glia Stethoscope


This project is to be able to create addons for the off of the 3D printed stethoscope work done by Glia. The idea is to have a "universal" platform in order to be able to extend the work for any addons that people would want to make for it.


None of the content in this repository has been field tested and is for experimental work only


We will be building any addons under the following philosophy, if you are making an addon please consider taking the following ideas in your design process for your addon to be

  1. Backwards compatible
    • meaning it should not require any modifications to any currently printed stethoscopes in the wild
  2. Under the same license
    • so that people using the addons need only to understand one license
  3. Using the same tool set
    • we will be building addons using OpenSCAD so that anybody needing to modify the source only need to know one tool set
  4. Low cost
    • any addons should have marginal cost as the stethoscope was designed to be a low cost tool
  5. Accessible
    • any addons that require any additional hardware should ideally be able to be sourced anywhere in the world

Potential Ideas

Not sure what you could add on could go with the stethoscope? Below are some ideas that are worth investigating to see if are possible:

  • Addon to be able to pick up audio of the heartbeat/lungs for remote monitoring/telemedicine or have a machine learning algorithm to pick up key vitals
    • Ideally would also use low cost hardware like headphone microphones
  • Addon to be able to hold a "reflex hammer" or other items that a medical professional uses for core diagnostics hands free
  • Addon to clip on the Glia Otoscope for hands free portability
  • Addon to be able to plug in another Glia stethoscope for two people to monitor at the same time and for teaching purposes


Pull requests, corrections, translations & fixes are welcome. Any contributions must be submitted under the same license as the original piece of work (see below). Take a look at any open issues or submit new ones if there is something that needs to be fixed or added.

Watch our video on how to contribute to open source for a complete overview ->

Print Instructions

In general for prototyping mechanical fits we use ~10% infill and a layer height of 0.3mm in PLA. However if you are using it in a medical setting see the advice on the source repository for recommendations on material types, print settings and infill.


Unless otherwise specified, everything in this repository is covered by the following licence:

This project is based off of the work done by Glia on their 3D printed stethoscope. So that any designs are compatible with the source work license we present our work under the TAPR OHL license insofar as it applies.

To see this work in full go to

The creation, maintenance and continued development of this project is made possible
thanks to our Patreon and Direct supporters!
Consider joining them if you think this project has earned it!


Repository containing hardware addons for the Glia Stethoscope







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