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C to Assembly Compiler and Interpreter
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C to Assembly - Compiler and Interpreter

C to Assembly is an online compiler of micro-C code (a subset of C large enough for demonstration) and interpreter of hypothetical Assembly (micro-C is compiled to hypothetical Assembly which looks a lot like x86 asm).

See docs here:

Repo structure

  • src/main/java/com/ctoassembly/compiler - Java compiler (micro-C to hypothetical-asm)
    • Yeah, yeah, yeah, I am not joking - Java is compiling c to asm.
    • mycc.lex - scanner written in Backus-Naur form.
    • mycc.cup - LR parser that defines the grammar. All the code generation is executed from here (when a rule is matched), so it's a good starting point for reading code.
  • WebContent - JavaScript/Angular assembly interpreter
    • ccode.html - compiling happens here.
    • js/angular/controller.js - angular controller backing up the ccode.html. It calls the servlet holding the compiler, presents the asm code and interprets (executes) it line by line.
    • js/cpu.js - that's the javascript CPU
    • js/asmmetamodel.js - all asm instructions and their execution strategy is encapsulated here
    • js/ui.js - ui support (drawing and such)
    • js/constants.js - CPU constants
    • js/util.js - util support for everything above
    • js/prototype.js - useful javascript extensions that I used throughout the code


  • Enlarge the subset of C that the compiler can compile
  • Fix bugs


Apache 2.0

Free Software, Hell Yeah!

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