A super awesome, customizable text input supporting tags, autocomplete, ajax and other goodness in a crazy cool a-la cart way.
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TextExt is a plugin for jQuery which is designed to provide functionality such as tag input and autocomplete.

The core design principle behind TextExt is modularity and extensibility. Each piece of functionality is separated from the main core and can act individually or together with other plugins.

TextExt's modular design allows you easily turn a standard HTML text input into a wide range of modern, tailored to your needs input field without bloating your source code and slowing down your site with the code that you aren't using.

A wide number of plugins are available including Tags, Autocomplete, Filter, Ajax as well as a few which are purely aesthetic like Focus.

Please refer to the manual for the full API documentation and examples.


  • Tags
  • Autocomplete
  • AJAX loading
  • Placeholder text


<textarea id="textarea" rows="1"></textarea>

<script type="text/javascript">
        plugins : 'tags prompt focus autocomplete ajax arrow',
        tagsItems : [ 'Basic', 'JavaScript', 'PHP', 'Scala' ],
        prompt : 'Add one...',
        ajax : {
            url : '/manual/examples/data.json',
            dataType : 'json',
            cacheResults : true

How To Use

The steps to using TextExt are as follows:

  1. Specify which plugins you need via the plugins option
  2. Configure each plugin individually if necessary
  3. Enjoy!



  • Added ability to get instances of plugins to call methods on them directy (issue #6). See the example.


New Features

  • Added autocomplete.render option for custom rendering. See the manual and example.
  • Added autocomplete.dropdown.maxHeight option for setting height of the dropdown. See manual and example.
  • Added Arrow plugin.
  • Switched to MIT license.

Bug Fixes

  • TextExt core now works with <input/> tags.
  • Filter plugin now works without Tags.
  • Fixed clicking on suggestion in autocomplete dropdown.


  • Initial release.


The TextExt component is released under the open source MIT. This means that you can use it any way you want, but I would very much appreciate if you take a minute and support the project through a donation.