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An example of how to use padrino's nested forms
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db Addded :reject_if => :all_blank but doesn't work as expected


Padrino nested forms example

In request to basex's email on how to use nested forms, here's an example using Padrino's admin.

It's a one-minute draft and requires more work. Perhaps someone from the Padrino team may help here since I don't really know which is the best way -and if it's supported- to add a space for an empty address by default or how to allow adding new addresses to an existing Person.

I've sorted that out by attaching a new Address instance before both, new and edit are run, e.g.:

get :new do @person = @person.addresses << render 'people/new' end

The problem then is, what do you do with the blank record that's created? ActiveRecord's :reject_if => :all_blank should work (as stated here but either I'm not using it properly or it just doesn't work here.

Now, the approach I've taken to achieve that isn't the best and I know that. I'm sure there's a best way to do it and I'd love to see this example improved. :) Hope this is useful! :)

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