"Yik Yak for study groups" @ HackUVa 2015
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"Yik Yak for study groups" @ HackUVa 2015


We wanted to find a simple way to create study groups quickly and efficiently without the hassle of asking everyone in your class (whether you know them or not).

How it works

For our mobile option the user starts by texting "Hello" to our service to begin the process. They are then asked for their subject of interest and zip code. They are then matched to people who are studying the same subject within their location. Everyone matched in the study group will be matched to a chat room where they can discuss how they can meet up to study.

On our website, we offer a way for people to sign up through Facebook and make study groups on the website. It offers a listing of all current study groups that are created.The website also includes a list of Facebook friends that are currently on the website looking for study groups. Once again, study groups are linked to a chat room where people can discuss how they want to study.