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/** pIoT energy management library.
* It uses the features of the ATMega chip to power down the MCU
* Author: Dario Salvi (dariosalvi78 at gmail dot com)
* Licensed under the GPL license
#if ARDUINO >= 100
#include <Arduino.h>
#include <wiring.h>
#include <pins_arduino.h>
/** Resets the MCU.
void reset();
* Puts all the pincs of the MCU to low
void powerDownAllPins();
/** Put the MCU into sleep mode until wither a certain time has passed or a pin has changed.
* Powers down everything, radio and MCU.
* @param seconds the number of seconds after which we want the board to wakeup.
* 0 means: don't sleep at all
* a number <1 means don't care, sleep until someone else wakes it up
* @param pinsN the number of pins, if <=0 the pins arenot considered
* @param ... a set of pins to be considered if any
void sleepUntil(int seconds, int pinsN, ...);
/** Gives the number of seconds the Sensorino has been sleeping since it has been switched on
* @return the total number of seconds it has slept
unsigned long getTotalSleepSeconds();
/** Retrieves the value of the alimentation voltage
* this value i scomputed against an internal reference
* and might be unprecise
* @return the value in volts
float getInternalVcc();
/** Gives the internal temperature in chip.
* The value has an uncertainty of 10 degrees
* @return the temperature in Celsius
float getInternalTemperature() ;