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/** pIoT communication library.
* This library goes on top of the nRF24L01 and simply adds the sender and a messsage type field.
* Decisions taken:
* - pipe 0 is used as broadcast pipe, with shared address and no acks
* - pipe 1 is used as private address
* - nodes send their address
* - addresses are 4 bytes long
* - messages are identified by a message type field of 2 bytes
* - CRC is 2 bytes
* - 2Mbps, 750us ack time, 5 retries
* Author: Dario Salvi (dariosalvi78 at gmail dot com)
* Licensed under the GPL license
#include <nRF24.h>
//The pipe used for broadcast messages
//Default broadcast address
#define BROADCAST_ADDR 16711935
//The pipe used for private messages
#define PRIVATE_PIPE 1
//Default address of the base station
#define BASE_ADDR -2130771712
//Default radio channel
#define RF_CHANNEL 50
/** Configures and starts the radio.
* init() must be called to initialise the interface and the radio module
* @param chipEnablePin the Arduino pin to use to enable the chip for transmit/receive
* @param chipSelectPin the Arduino pin number of the output to use to select the NRF24 before
* @param powerPin the Arduino pin number used to power up the nRF24 module (-1 if always powered up)
* @param myAddress the address of this node, expressed as a long (from -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647)
* @return true on success
boolean startRadio(byte chipEnablePin, byte chipSelectPin, byte powerPin, long myaddress);
/** Shuts the radio module down.
* To restart it you don't need to call startRadio() explicitly.
boolean stopRadio();
/** Sends a message to another pIoT.
* @param broadcast true if broadcast
* @param destination address of the destination
* @param msgType type of message
* @param len length of the payload in bytes, it cannot exceed 26 (!)
* @return true if sent
boolean send(boolean broadcast, long destination, unsigned int msgType, byte* data, int len);
/** Receives a message.
* @param timeoutMS a time-out in milliseconds
* @param f a function that treats the message with the following parameters:
* - broadcast tells if the message was in broadcast
* - sender the sender address
* - msgType the message type
* - data the payload
* - len the length of the payload
* @return true if something arrived
boolean receive(unsigned int timeoutMS, void (*f)(boolean broadcast, long sender, unsigned int msgType, byte* data, int len));
/** Returns the number of sent, and received, packets since the node was started.
unsigned long getSentCounter();
/** Returns the number of packets that were sent but not received, since the node was started.
unsigned long getUnsentCounter();
/** Returns the number of received packets since the node was started.
unsigned long getReceivedCounter();