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; Some useful AutoHotKey tools
; Dario "dariosky" Varotto
#SingleInstance Force
SendMode Input
; Windows+Z to toggle mute sounds
Send {Volume_Mute}
; Windows + mouse wheel to change volume
#WheelUp:: Send {Blind}{Volume_Up}
#WheelDown:: Send {Blind}{Volume_Down}
; Windows+M to lock session and standby the screen ('nircmd' on path required)
Send {Blind}#l
Sleep 1000
Run nircmd.exe monitor off
; Windows+O ejects/close the primary cdrom
Drive, Eject
if A_TimeSinceThisHotkey < 1000 ; Adjust this time if needed.
Drive, Eject,, 1
; function to get the current path in explorer windows - c:\ otherwise
#IfWinActive ahk_class ExploreWClass|CabinetWClass
WinGetText , full_path, A ; This is required to get the full path of the file from the address bar
;MsgBox %full_path%
; Split on newline (`n)
Loop, Parse, full_path, `n
If SubStr(a_LoopField, 1, 8) = "address:"
address:= ( SubStr(a_LoopField, 9) )
return %address%
Return "C:\"
; Windows+C open a command prompt in the current path
full_path := OpenCmdInCurrent()
If ( InStr( full_path , ":" ) )
Run %ComSpec% /K cd /D "%full_path%"
Run %ComSpec% /K cd /D "C:\"
; Backspace, in Windows 7 act like "to Upper level"
#IfWinActive, ahk_class CabinetWClass
ControlGet renamestatus,Visible,,Edit1,A
ControlGetFocus focussed, A
SendInput {Alt Down}{Up}{Alt Up}
Send {Backspace}
; some italian accented chars
; ALT gr+vowel (for the E key, which is euro sign, we use ALTgr+W)
; upper and lower case
^+>!a::Send À
^+>!w::Send È
^+>!i::Send Ì
^+>!o::Send Ò
^+>!u::Send Ù
^>!a::Send à
^>!w::Send è
^>!i::Send ì
^>!o::Send ò
^>!u::Send ù
^>!n::Send ñ
; AltGr+0 as tilde
^>!0::Send ~
; AltGr+' as `
^>!'::Send ``
; Some sometime useful symbol ALT gr+T
^>!c::Send ©
; some italian "hotstrings"
; Win+F1,F2,F3 to change mouse sensitivity. via
#F1::DllCall("SystemParametersInfo", Int,113, Int,0, UInt,6, Int,2) ;low sensitivity
#F2::DllCall("SystemParametersInfo", Int,113, Int,0, UInt,14, Int,2) ;normal sensisivity
#F3::DllCall("SystemParametersInfo", Int,113, Int,0, UInt,20, Int,2) ;high sensitivity