PG'OCaml provides an interface to PostgreSQL databases for OCaml applications. It uses Camlp4 to extend the OCaml syntax, enabling one to directly embed SQL statements inside the OCaml code.
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PG'OCaml is a set of OCaml bindings for the PostgreSQL database.

Please note that this is not the first or only PGSQL bindings for OCaml. Here are the others which you may want to consider:

  • postgresql-ocaml PostgreSQL-OCaml by Markus Mottl

  • ocamlodbc ODBC bindings by Max Guesdon which can be used to access PostgreSQL

  • ocamldbi a Perl-like DBI layer by the present author

PG'OCAML is different than the above bindings:

  • It ISN'T just a wrapper around the C libpq library. Instead it's a pure OCaml library which talks the frontend/backend protocol directly with the database.

  • It has a camlp4 layer which lets you write SQL statements directly in your code, TYPE SAFE at compile time, with TYPE INFERENCE into the SQL, and using the full PostgreSQL SQL grammar (sub-selects, PG-specific SQL, etc.). But the flip side of this is that you need to have access to the database at compile time, so the type checking magic can be done; also if you change the database schema, you will need to recompile your code to check it is still correctly typed.

  • (A minor point) - It requires PostgreSQL >= 7.4. The default interface (PGOCaml) provided is synchronous. But it also supports any asynchronous interface that implements the PGOCaml_generic.THREAD signature.

  • It doesn't work with other databases, nor will it ever work with other databases.

PG'OCaml (C) Copyright 2005-2009 Merjis Ltd, Richard W.M. Jones ( and other authors (see CONTRIBUTORS.txt for details).

This software is distributed under the GNU LGPL with OCaml linking exception. Please see the file COPYING.LIB for full license.

For an example, please see tests