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Release 2.3
* Dario Teixeira: migrate syntax extension from OCaml-pcre to OCaml-re.
* Rudi Grinberg: migrate core library from OCaml-pcre to OCaml-re.
* Rudi Grinberg: add unit tests for regular expressions.
* Evgenii Lepikhin: add support for types UUID and JSONB.
* Philippe Wang: add support for type CITEXT.
Release 2.2
* Jacques-Pascal Deplaix: Use Bytes instead of String when mutation
is required.
* Jacques-Pascal Deplaix: fix bug in AuthenticationCryptPassword.
Release 2.1
* Dario Teixeira: add List.iteri and List.mapi for compatibility with
older versions of OCaml.
Release 2.0
* Dario Teixeira & Jacques-Pascal Deplaix: remove dependencies on ExtLib
or Batteries. Auxilliary functions which used to be provided by Batteries
are located in the newly created PGOCaml_aux module.
* Dario Teixeira and Jacques-Pascal Deplaix: fixing issues with arrays.
This requires all array types to change from 'a array to 'a option array,
which breaks backward compatibility.
* Dario Teixeira's patch making PostgreSQL's NUMERIC type be converted
to/from OCaml strings. This change is not backward's compatible,
requiring a bump in the major version number (though there seems
to be no actual code in the wild relying on the previous behaviour).
* Dario Teixeira's patch adding function 'uuid', which exposes the
unique connection handle identifier.
* Jacques-Pascal Deplaix's patches adding 'catch', 'transact', 'alive',
'inject', and 'alter' functions.
Release 1.7.1
* Fixed missing dependency in _oasis file.
Release 1.7
* Build system now uses OASIS.
* Directory tree reorganisation.
* Now using Batteries only.
* Migration to Batteries 2.0.
Release 1.6
* Fixed Makefile: it should now work with any OCaml version.
* Richard Jones patch converting all references of 'loc' into '_loc'.
The former has been deprecated for a while now.
Release 1.5
* Dario Teixeira's patch adding support for more array types, namely
bool[], int8[], text[], float4[], and float8[].
* Michael Ekstrand's patch to make PG'Ocaml work with batteries,
if so requested (it still uses ExtLib by default).
* Dario Teixeira's patch adding support for Hstore.
* David Allsopp's patch fixing connection on Windows.
* David Allsopp's patch for better reporting of nullable results.
* Dario Teixeira's patch adding support for the 'hex' serialisation
format introduced with PostgreSQL 9.0.
* Matías Giovannini's patch adding support for cursors.
* Dario Teixeira's patch adding support for the various transaction
options in function 'begin_work'.
Release 1.4
* Boris Yakobowski's patch that replaces 'rows' and 'varname'
with '_rows' and '_varname' (avoids unused variable warnings)
* Support for INET type (patch by David Allsopp)
* Dario Teixeira's patch for type unravelling
Release 1.3
* Applied (slightly modified) Vincent Bernardoff's patches for 'point' type
* Large data set patch by Mykola Stryebkov
Release 1.2
* Jérôme Vouillon's monadic version
* Updated to Calendar 2.x
* Password authentication from $PGPASSWORD (by Dario Teixeira)
* Syntax package now called 'syntax' instead of 'statements'
Release 1.1
* Added proper copyright notices to license.
Release 1.0
* First public release