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(define linefeed \
(define (error complaint)
(write-string complaint)
(write-char linefeed)
(define (list1 z) (cons z '()))
(define (list3 x y z) (cons x (cons y (cons z '()))))
(define (append xs ys)
(cond ((null? xs) ys)
('t (cons (car xs) (append (cdr xs) ys)))))
(define (reverse xs)
(revappend xs '()))
(define (revappend xs ys)
(cond ((null? xs) ys)
('t (revappend (cdr xs) (cons (car xs) ys)))))
(define (memq? x xs)
(cond ((null? xs) 'f)
((eq? x (car xs)) 't)
('t (memq? x (cdr xs)))))
(define (length xs)
(list1 (length-digit xs "0123456789")))
(define (length-digit xs digits)
(cond ((null? xs) (car digits))
('t (length-digit (cdr xs) (cdr digits)))))
(define (string? x)
(cond ((null? x) 't)
((char? x) 'f)
((char? (car x)) (string? (cdr x)))
('t 'f)))
(define (string=? s t)
(cond ((null? s) (null? t))
((null? t) 'f)
((eq? (car s) (car t)) (string=? (cdr s) (cdr t)))
('t 'f)))
(define (write-string chars)
(cond ((pair? chars)
(write-char (car chars))
(write-string (cdr chars)))))
(define (cons! x xs-box)
(set-car! xs-box (cons x (car xs-box))))
(define (adjoin! x xs-box)
(cond ((eq? 'f (memq? x (car xs-box)))
(cons! x xs-box))))
(define primitives '(eq? null? pair? char? cons car cdr set-car!
read-char peek-char write-char abort))
(define symbols-box (list1 (append '(t f define quote cond) primitives)))
(define (symbol? x) (memq? x (car symbols-box)))
(define (intern s) (interning s (car symbols-box)))
(define (interning s symbols)
(cond ((null? symbols) (cons! s symbols-box) s)
((string=? s (car symbols)) (car symbols))
('t (interning s (cdr symbols)))))
(define (read)
(read-dispatch (skip-blanks (read-char))))
(define (skip-blanks c)
(cond ((memq? c whitespace-chars) (skip-blanks (read-char)))
('t c)))
(define whitespace-chars (cons linefeed " "))
(define non-symbol-chars "\"\\(')")
(define eof-object '("eof"))
(define (read-dispatch c)
(cond ((eq? c 'f) eof-object)
((eq? c \\) (read-char-literal (read-char)))
((eq? c \") (read-string (read-char)))
((eq? c \() (read-list))
((eq? c \') (cons 'quote (list1 (read))))
((eq? c \)) (error "Unbalanced parentheses"))
('t (intern (cons c (read-symbol (peek-char)))))))
(define (read-char-literal c)
(cond ((eq? c 'f) (error "EOF in character literal"))
('t c)))
(define (read-string c)
(cond ((eq? c 'f) (error "Unterminated string literal"))
((eq? c \") '())
((eq? c \\) (cons (read-char) (read-string (read-char))))
('t (cons c (read-string (read-char))))))
(define (read-symbol c)
(cond ((memq? c whitespace-chars) '())
((memq? c non-symbol-chars) '())
('t (read-char) (cons c (read-symbol (peek-char))))))
(define (read-list)
(read-list-dispatch (skip-blanks (read-char))))
(define (read-list-dispatch c)
(cond ((eq? c 'f) (error "Unterminated list"))
((eq? c \)) '())
('t (cons (read-dispatch c) (read-list)))))
(define (push1 z k) (append z (cons linefeed k)))
(define (push3 x y z k) (append x (append y (push1 z k))))
(define (push5 v w x y z k) (append v (append w (push3 x y z k))))
(define (compile)
(write-string (compile-procs '((t f)) (read) '() '() postlude-lines)))
(define (compile-procs syms form var-defs exprs k)
(cond ((eq? eof-object form)
(do-compile-defs syms (reverse var-defs)
(compile-proc syms 'main '() (reverse exprs) k)))
((cond ((pair? form) (eq? 'define (car form)))
('t 'f))
(cond ((symbol? (car (cdr form)))
(compile-procs syms (read) (cons form var-defs) exprs k))
('t (compile-procs syms (read) var-defs exprs
(compile-proc syms
( form)
(proc.params form)
(proc.body form)
('t (compile-procs syms (read) var-defs (cons form exprs) k))))
(define (do-compile-defs syms var-defs k)
(compile-symbols syms var-defs
(compile-defs syms var-defs
(push1 " bp = sp + 1; goto proc_main;" k))))
(define (compile-symbols syms var-defs k)
(push-enum "var_" (append ( (make-symbol-defs (car syms)))
( var-defs))
(push1 prelude-lines
(compile-defs syms (make-symbol-defs (car syms)) k))))
(define (compile-defs syms defs k)
(cond ((pair? defs)
(compile-def syms ( (car defs)) (def.expr (car defs))
(compile-defs syms (cdr defs) k)))
('t k)))
(define (express syms x)
(cond ((symbol? x) (adjoin! x syms) (symbol->var x))
((pair? x) (express-pair syms x))
('t x)))
(define (express-pair syms x)
(list3 'cons (express syms (car x)) (express syms (cdr x))))
(define (make-symbol-defs symbols)
(cond ((null? symbols) '())
('t (cons (list3 'define (symbol->var (car symbols))
(express-pair '() (car symbols)))
(make-symbol-defs (cdr symbols))))))
(define (symbol->var sym)
(intern (cons \. sym)))
(define ( proc) (car (car (cdr proc))))
(define (proc.params proc) (cdr (car (cdr proc))))
(define (proc.body proc) (cdr (cdr proc)))
(define ( def) (car (cdr def)))
(define (def.expr def) (car (cdr (cdr def))))
(define ( defs)
(cond ((null? defs) '())
('t (cons ( (car defs))
( (cdr defs))))))
(define (compile-def syms name e k)
(compile-expr syms e '() 'f
(push3 " assert (var_" (c-id name) " == sp);" k)))
(define (compile-proc syms name params body k)
(push1 ""
(push3 "proc_" (c-id name) ": {"
(push-enum "arg_" params
(push3 " assert (" (length params) " == sp - bp + 1);"
(compile-seq syms body params 't
(push1 "}" k)))))))
(define (compile-seq syms es vars tail? k)
(cond ((null? (cdr es)) (compile-expr syms (car es) vars tail? k))
('t (compile-expr syms (car es) vars 'f
(push1 " --sp;"
(compile-seq syms (cdr es) vars tail? k))))))
(define (compile-exprs syms es vars k)
(cond ((null? es) k)
('t (compile-expr syms (car es) vars 'f
(compile-exprs syms (cdr es) vars k)))))
(define (compile-expr syms e vars tail? k)
(cond ((char? e)
(compile-value "entag (a_char, '" (c-char-literal e) "')" vars tail?
((null? e) (compile-value "" "nil" "" vars tail? k))
((symbol? e)
(cond ((memq? e vars)
(compile-value "stack[bp + arg_" (c-id e) "]" vars tail? k))
('t (compile-value "stack[var_" (c-id e) "]" vars tail? k))))
((string? e) (compile-expr syms (express syms e) vars tail? k))
('t (compile-pair syms (car e) (cdr e) vars tail? k))))
(define (compile-value lit1 lit2 lit3 vars tail? k)
(push5 " push (" lit1 lit2 lit3 ");"
(maybe-return vars tail? k)))
(define (maybe-return vars tail? k)
(cond (tail? (push3 " sp -= " (length vars) ";"
(push3 " stack[sp] = stack[sp + " (length vars) "];"
(push1 " return;" k))))
('t k)))
(define (compile-pair syms rator rands vars tail? k)
(cond ((eq? rator 'cond) (compile-cond syms rands vars tail? k))
((eq? rator 'quote)
(compile-expr syms (express syms (car rands)) vars tail? k))
('t (compile-exprs syms rands vars
(compile-call rator (length rands) vars tail? k)))))
(define (compile-cond syms clauses vars tail? k)
(cond ((null? clauses) (compile-value "" "sym_f" "" vars tail? k))
('t (compile-expr syms (car (car clauses)) vars 'f
(push1 " if (sym_f != pop ()) {"
(compile-seq syms (cdr (car clauses)) vars tail?
(push1 " } else {"
(compile-cond syms (cdr clauses) vars tail?
(push1 " }" k)))))))))
(define (compile-call rator n-args vars tail? k)
(cond ((memq? rator primitives)
(push5 " prim" n-args "_" (c-id rator) " ();"
(maybe-return vars tail? k)))
(push5 " TAILCALL (proc_" (c-id rator) ", " n-args ");" k))
(push5 " run (&&proc_" (c-id rator) ", sp - " n-args " + 1);" k))))
(define c-char-map-domain (list3 linefeed \' \\))
(define c-char-map-range (list3 "\\n" "\\'" "\\\\"))
(define (c-char-literal c)
(translit c (list1 c) c-char-map-domain c-char-map-range))
(define (c-id str)
(cond ((null? str) '())
('t (cons (translit (car str) (car str) c-id-map-domain c-id-map-range)
(c-id (cdr str))))))
(define c-id-map-domain "-!:=.><%?*_")
(define c-id-map-range "_BCEDGLMPSU")
(define (translit x default domain range)
(cond ((null? domain) default)
((eq? x (car domain)) (car range))
('t (translit x default (cdr domain) (cdr range)))))
(define (push-enum prefix names k)
(cond ((null? names) k)
('t (append " enum {" (comma prefix names (push1 " };" k))))))
(define (comma prefix names k)
(cond ((null? names) k)
('t (cons \ (append prefix (append (c-id (car names))
(maybe-comma prefix (cdr names) k)))))))
(define (maybe-comma prefix names k)
(cond ((null? names) k)
('t (cons \, (comma prefix names k)))))
(define prelude-lines "
#include <assert.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
typedef unsigned Obj;
typedef enum { a_pair, nil, a_char } Tag;
static Tag get_tag (Obj x) { return 3 & x; }
static Obj entag (Tag tag, unsigned value)
{ return tag | (value << 2); }
static unsigned untag (Tag tag, Obj x)
{ assert (tag == get_tag (x));
return x >> 2; }
enum { stack_size = 256*1024 };
static Obj stack[stack_size];
static unsigned sp = -1;
#define TOP ( stack[sp] )
static Obj pop (void) { return stack[sp--]; }
static void push (Obj x) { assert (sp + 1 < stack_size);
stack[++sp] = x; }
enum { heap_size = 512*1024 };
static Obj heap[heap_size][2];
static char marks[heap_size];
static unsigned hp = 0;
static unsigned heap_index (Obj x) { unsigned p = untag (a_pair, x);
assert (p < heap_size);
return p; }
static Obj car (Obj x) { return heap[heap_index (x)][0]; }
static Obj cdr (Obj x) { return heap[heap_index (x)][1]; }
static void set_car (Obj x, Obj y) { heap[heap_index (x)][0] = y; }
static void mark (Obj x) { while (get_tag (x) == a_pair
&& !marks[heap_index (x)]) {
marks[heap_index (x)] = 1;
mark (car (x));
x = cdr (x); } }
static void sweep (void) { while (hp < heap_size && marks[hp])
marks[hp++] = 0; }
static void gc (Obj car, Obj cdr) { unsigned i;
mark (car); mark (cdr);
for (i = 0; i <= sp; ++i)
mark (stack[i]);
hp = 0; }
static Obj cons (Obj car, Obj cdr) { sweep ();
if (heap_size <= hp) {
gc (car, cdr);
sweep ();
if (heap_size <= hp) {
fprintf (stderr, \"Heap full\\n\");
exit (1); } }
heap[hp][0] = car;
heap[hp][1] = cdr;
return entag (a_pair, hp++); }
#define sym_f ( stack[var_Df] )
#define sym_t ( stack[var_Dt] )
static Obj make_flag (int flag) { return flag ? sym_t : sym_f; }
static int read_char (void) { int c = getchar ();
push (EOF == c ? sym_f : entag (a_char, c));
return c; }
#define DEF(prim) static void prim (void)
DEF(prim2_eqP) { Obj z = pop (); TOP = make_flag (TOP == z); }
DEF(prim1_nullP) { TOP = make_flag (nil == TOP); }
DEF(prim1_charP) { TOP = make_flag (a_char == get_tag (TOP)); }
DEF(prim1_pairP) { TOP = make_flag (a_pair == get_tag (TOP)); }
DEF(prim2_cons) { Obj z = pop (); TOP = cons (TOP, z); }
DEF(prim1_car) { TOP = car (TOP); }
DEF(prim1_cdr) { TOP = cdr (TOP); }
DEF(prim2_set_carB) { Obj z = pop (); set_car (TOP, z); TOP = sym_f; }
DEF(prim0_read_char) { (void) read_char (); }
DEF(prim0_peek_char) { ungetc (read_char (), stdin); }
DEF(prim1_write_char) { putchar (untag (a_char, TOP)); TOP = sym_f; }
DEF(prim0_abort) { exit (1); }
#define TAILCALL(label, nargs) do { \\
memmove (stack + bp, stack + sp - (nargs) + 1, (nargs) * sizeof stack[0]);\\
sp = bp + (nargs) - 1; \\
goto label; \\
} while (0)
void run (void **function, int bp) {
if (function) goto *function;")
(define postlude-lines
int main () { run (NULL, 0); return 0; }
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