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Pratt parser for infix expressions
# TODO: see if any ideas from can improve this
# or vice-versa
import re
## parse('1+2*3+4')
#. 11
def parse(s):
next = tokenize(s).next
def my(): pass # A hack to express a nonlocal mutable variable in Python 2.
my.token = next()
def parse_expression(rbp):
nud, my.token = my.token.nud, next()
left = nud(parse_expression)
while rbp < my.token.lbp:
led, my.token = my.token.led, next()
left = led(left, parse_expression)
return left
return parse_expression(0)
def tokenize(s):
for number, operator in re.findall(r'\s*(?:(\d+)|(.))', s):
if number:
yield Token(number, nud=lambda pe, value=int(number): value)
elif operator == '+':
yield Token('+', lbp=10,
led=lambda left, pe: left + pe(10))
elif operator == '*':
yield Token('*', lbp=20,
led=lambda left, pe: left * pe(20))
raise SyntaxError('unknown operator: %s', operator)
yield Token('<eof>')
class Token:
def __init__(self, datum, lbp=0, led=None, nud=None):
self.datum = datum
self.lbp = lbp
self.led = led
self.nud = nud
def __repr__(self):
return repr(self.datum)
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