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Copyright (c) 2008 by Darius Bacon <>
Distributed under GNU General Public Licence v3

This is a kind of melange of Scheme and Erlang; some Squeak influence
may come in later, too. It's a toy implementation to play with the
language design.

As a language design this may be an ugly marriage: why have both
procedures and processes? Wouldn't it be more beautiful with just one
kind of thing? If you start down that road, you end up with Actors
(and when nobody joins you there yet, you come back with E). Erlang
shows a pragmatic compromise that I'd like to explore more: processes
with granularity in between Unix processes and actors.

Erlang's influence makes Squerm 'purer' than Scheme: the only side
effects are from sending and receiving messages or raising exceptions
(which become messages to a 'keeper'). Scheme's influence conversely
purifies Erlang: instead of process IDs in a global namespace, we have
capabilities to send and receive messages.

To try it out:

>>> import run
>>> run.testme()