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An excessively-minimal terminal-UI module. This won't run under Windows except with Cygwin.

The most standard way to code a console app like this is with curses, but curses kind of earns its name. And there are better libraries now, but I'm not familiar with them yet. (Soon!) Here we use and raw or cbreak mode

Thanks to for ideas and discussion. (Curtsies is considerably more complete and useful and I don't expect this library to ever grow up to compete with it.)

There's some influence too from which looks very nice.

Thanks to Dave Long for helpful discussion of the key-reading code.

To Use

import sturm. The other .py files here are examples.


On my system if I hold down an arrow key for auto-repeat, get_key() may return a bare escape character. Presumably the OS claims the rest of the escape sequence isn't available yet. Argh. Workaround: stop using esc to mean 'quit'.