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Here are source files extracted from my Code Words article on compiling Python. There are three versions of the compiler, each handling a larger subset of Python. To run them, you need Python 3.4. You also need check_subset.py from the parent directory; copy it down here. Then this should work:

$ python3 tailbiter0.py greet.py
Hi, Chrysophylax

and likewise for the article's other example runs.

If you have Python 3.5 instead, then use tailbiter1_py35.py and tailbiter2_py35.py in place of tailbiter1.py and tailbiter2.py. You can see what changes were needed with

$ diff -u tailbiter1.py tailbiter1_py35.py

and similarly for tailbiter2: the main change was to how dict literals get compiled. (The BUILD_MAP operation changes to expect all of the keys and values on the stack before it creates the dict.)

For Python 3.6 there's tailbiter2_py36.py. Currently it can't compile itself, because it needs to generate a jump with a more-than-one-byte offset.

After tailbiter2 I added a few more features to be able to compile byterun; the result is ../compiler.py. (It's for Python 3.4 only, for now, because those particular features changed in Python 3.5.)

handaxeweb.py exists to extract the tailbiter source code from the article's Markdown source. Since the article is distributed as HTML, this is useless to you, but perhaps someone might adapt it for their own literate programming, so here you are. This is derived from an earlier version in Python of Kragen Sitaker's handaxeweb.