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Pointless reimplementation of Unix userland tools.

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Copyright (c) 2008 by Darius Bacon <>
Distributed under GNU General Public Licence v3

This is an exercise in self-reliance: to replace all the programs I
use day-to-day in my programming. The new programs should have clean
behavior, with clean code and as little of it as possible. But I'm
not near the switchover point yet.

It seems Microsoft may intend to use this acronym:
But I wrote this code last year and I don't feel like changing the 
name when they haven't released theirs yet anyway.

To build the C code:

$ cd c
$ ./build
$ ./build         # might be needed because ake sux0rz 

To run the unit tests: 
First install Tush from -- then:

$ ./build test
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