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MichaelPaulukonis commented Oct 26, 2015 edited of languages (written or programming) used in NaNoGenMo 2015.

See 2014's incomplete survey.

This top post shall serve as the canonical resource. Please comment below for inclusion.

Programming Language

C# - NELL-extractor used in Propp-guided simulation with rudimentary emotions/behaviours #22 (repo), A Daring Journey to the Bottom of the Pit #98, what is love? #150 (repo)
gg - Orgasmotron -- 50k words of generated erotica #65 (repo)
Javascript/NodeJS - Where I'm From poem & novel generator #49, The Programmer Who Had No Heart in His Body #14 (repo), Waiting for GoBot #88, Something working with my previous corpus of work. #106 (repo)
Lua - Something working with my previous corpus of work. #106 (repo)
Perl - Terms and Conditions - a legal thriller! #144 (repo)
Prolog - Propp-guided simulation with rudimentary emotions/behaviours #22 (repo), Jede Silbe #125 (repo)
Python (2.7 or unspecified) - Simulationist Fantasy Novel #40, Expand-filter: a novel-length expansion of a sentence #66 (repo), Novelpedia #104, #72, #78, #117, #135,
Python 3 - Pocket Atlas of Remote Planets #26, Library of Babel/Author of the Quixote #117 (repo), Saga III: Another Original Play by a Computer #116 (repo),

Text Language

Armenian - Constitution in Armenian generated by char-rnn #154 (bonus: also non-Roman characters)
English - unless otherwise noted here

Common Source-Texts

Moby Dick - Co-authored Procedural Novel #83 , MOBY DICK; or, THE CYBERWHALE - a cyberpunk version of Moby Dick #109
Alice in Wonderland - Alice's Adventures in Emojiland #41, Cheating pseudo-entry: Vocabulary mashup #72 ,Co-authored Procedural Novel #83,
Pride and Prejudice - Cheating pseudo-entry: Vocabulary mashup #72, Co-authored Procedural Novel #83, Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea? MIS-TER DAR-CY! #133
On The Road

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Right now (11.02) I'm updating this essentially at random, as I'm browsing issues and repos.

At the end of the month I'll do an exhaustive crawl.

hugovk commented Nov 5, 2015

Of the completed so far:

C#: #98
Prolog: #125
Python: #72 #78 #104 #116 #117 #135


#144 is done in Perl

enkiv2 commented Nov 10, 2015

#65 is done in gg and #66 is done in python.

On Tue, Nov 10, 2015 at 11:54 AM Greg Kennedy

#144 #144 is done in

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#17 (comment)


Thanks for the updates! I had made some this morning, but neglected to click-comment before rebooting my machine...


I just finished #33 and pardon my french but it's in PHP and in french (not a programming language as far as know)

hugovk commented Dec 1, 2015

Lisp: #59
Haxe: #87

Spanish: #167


This will be updated this month.

I'm hoping to use my BORING github-novelisation code to aid in analysis.

ikarth commented Dec 25, 2015

#15 is written in Python 3, with text in English, Greek, and Latin.


#187 is another Node.js project. Text is multilingual in the original version and English only in the second edition.

adregan commented Dec 26, 2015

#190 is Python 3.


#166 is also Perl.

This was referenced Sep 4, 2016
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