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"description": "A list of beer styles.",
"beer_styles": [
"aged beer",
"american rye ale or lager",
"american-style amber lager",
"american-style amber/red ale",
"american-style barley wine ale",
"american-style brown ale",
"american-style cream ale or lager",
"american-style dark lager",
"american-style ice lager",
"american-style imperial porter",
"american-style imperial stout",
"american-style india black ale",
"american-style india pale ale",
"american-style lager",
"american-style light lager",
"american-style low-carb light lager",
"american-style malt liquor",
"american-style marzen/oktoberfest",
"american-style pale ale",
"american-style pilsener",
"american-style premium lager",
"american-style sour ale",
"american-style stout",
"american-style strong pale ale",
"american-style wheat wine ale",
"australasian-style light lager",
"australasian-style pale ale",
"baltic-style porter",
"bamberg-style bock rauchbier",
"bamberg-style helles rauchbier",
"bamberg-style marzen",
"bamberg-style weiss rauchbier",
"belgian-style blonde ale",
"belgian-style dark strong ale",
"belgian-style dubbel",
"belgian-style flanders/oud bruin",
"belgian-style fruit lambic",
"belgian-style gueuze lambic",
"belgian-style lambic",
"belgian-style pale ale",
"belgian-style pale strong ale",
"belgian-style quadrupel",
"belgian-style table beer",
"belgian-style tripel",
"belgian-style white",
"berliner-style weisse",
"bohemian-style pilsener",
"british-style barley wine ale",
"british-style imperial stout",
"brown porter",
"california common beer",
"chocolate/cocoa-flavored beer",
"classic english-style pale ale",
"classic irish-style dry stout",
"coffee-flavored beer",
"dark american wheat ale or lager",
"dark american-belgo-style ale",
"dortmunder/european-style export",
"dry lager",
"english-style brown ale",
"english-style dark mild ale",
"english-style india pale ale",
"english-style pale mild ale",
"english-style summer ale",
"european low-alcohol lager",
"european-style dark",
"experimental beer",
"extra special bitter",
"field beer",
"foreign (export)-style stout",
"french & belgian-style saison",
"french-style biere de garde",
"fresh hop ale",
"fruit beer",
"fruit wheat ale or lager",
"german-style brown ale/altbier",
"german-style doppelbock",
"german-style eisbock",
"german-style heller bock/maibock",
"german-style kolsch",
"german-style leichtes weizen",
"german-style marzen",
"german-style oktoberfest",
"german-style pilsener",
"german-style rye ale",
"german-style schwarzbier",
"gluten-free beer",
"golden or blonde ale",
"herb and spice beer",
"imperial or double india pale ale",
"imperial or double red ale",
"international-style pale ale",
"international-style pilsener",
"irish-style red ale",
"japanese sake-yeast beer",
"kellerbier - ale",
"kellerbier - lager",
"latin american-style light lager",
"leipzig-style gose",
"light american wheat ale or lager",
"munchner-style helles",
"non-alcoholic beer",
"oatmeal stout",
"old ale",
"ordinary bitter",
"other belgian-style ales",
"other strong ale or lager",
"out of category",
"pale american-belgo-style ale",
"pumpkin beer",
"robust porter",
"scotch ale",
"scottish-style export ale",
"scottish-style heavy ale",
"scottish-style light ale",
"session beer",
"smoke beer",
"smoke porter",
"south german-style bernsteinfarbenes weizen",
"south german-style dunkel weizen",
"south german-style hefeweizen",
"south german-style kristal weizen",
"south german-style weizenbock",
"special bitter or best bitter",
"specialty beer",
"specialty honey lager or ale",
"specialty stouts",
"strong ale",
"sweet stout",
"traditional german-style bock",
"tropical-style light lager",
"vienna-style lager",
"winter warmer",
"wood- and barrel-aged beer",
"wood- and barrel-aged dark beer",
"wood- and barrel-aged pale to amber beer",
"wood- and barrel-aged sour beer",
"wood- and barrel-aged strong beer"
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