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mastodon-autoreply (Mastodon Autoreply)

A bot that replies to new followers, ideally saying "I've moved! Follow me (here)."


$ git clone
$ cd mastodon-autoreply

Obtain an access token following the instructions here.

Put the access token in the indicated blank in config.js and also update the domain the bot is running on as well.

Edit index.js so that awayMessage says whatever message you want.

Run the bot! Note: this is not a cron-style bot. It's going to have to run continuously in the background because it uses the streaming API to watch for new follows. If you're installing this on a Linux server, this guide will help you run it as a continuous background process, even after a reboot.

Another important note

If the instance your bot is running on is slow, the streaming API will be really unresponsive. Like it just won't catch most actual events that happen. You have been warned.


Copyright (c) 2017 Darius Kazemi
Licensed under the MIT license.