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[19:25:53] ^NoLaN^: to search WHAT is untagged, like 'pics with no char' 'pics with no universe' etc
have a list of recently used tags for each user, for when they are adding tags to an image
redirect tags, similar to redirect system on wikipedia
clear out old session data
"Mod only tags" : Tags viewable and editable only by mods/admins
Slayers, Angelic Layer, Full Moon, YuGiOh, Pokémon, Soul Series, Shaman King, FMA, Ragnorock Online, Lineage, Tekken, Inuyahsa, Dragon Ball, Macross, Vampire Hunter D, Castlevania, Bleach, DDR, Beat Mania, Excel Saga, armatage
// search needs to be updated, using regular expressions might be exploitable in some fashion
// keywords on images page based on meta tags
// BUG! On images.php, $user_rights gets changed to 'owner', meaning mod/admin tool bars dont appear
metamoderation system for moderators, similar to slashdot + google pagerank. where users are giving mod points to mod things
[16:14:43] MaxX Unlimited Z: while own-driven tagging is okay at best... user-driven tagging is just fucking awesome if done right
[16:14:54] NoLaN w0rk: yeah
[16:14:58] NoLaN w0rk: its multi-tiered though
[16:15:02] NoLaN w0rk: in true optimism
[16:15:06] NoLaN w0rk: which is you have weight
[16:15:12] MaxX Unlimited Z: right
[16:15:24] NoLaN w0rk: trusted users for one (Admins)
[16:15:30] NoLaN w0rk: then you have a meta system
[16:15:31] NoLaN w0rk: like /.
[16:15:36] MaxX Unlimited Z: metabase was designed for that.... everyone has X number of points per vote, and X number of votes are requires to pass a vote
[16:15:38] NoLaN w0rk: so like
[16:15:57] NoLaN w0rk: you put so many of "guy x" changes as "good" and he is like +weight
[16:16:04] MaxX Unlimited Z: and even adding in meta-moderation like slashdot would be great, where you could moderate others moderation
[16:16:07] NoLaN w0rk: yeah
[16:16:13] NoLaN w0rk: so voters get more power
[16:16:19] MaxX Unlimited Z: right :)
[16:16:27] NoLaN w0rk: obviously that can be abused, but having lots of users support you falsely
[16:16:40] NoLaN w0rk: but there are usually easier ways to violate a system like that anyway
[16:16:55] MaxX Unlimited Z: well.... it can be handled like google pagerank
[16:17:06] MaxX Unlimited Z: when you give someone a + or -, its also based on your current score as well
[16:17:11] NoLaN w0rk: yeah
[16:17:18] MaxX Unlimited Z: really, that would be fucking AWESOME
[16:17:19] NoLaN w0rk: so if you have 100 noobs one day give you +
[16:17:28] NoLaN w0rk: it would go 'well thats alot of people, but its alot of noobs'
[16:17:31] MaxX Unlimited Z: and build something like google TBPR for final ranking in the system
[16:17:40] NoLaN w0rk: and in fact rapid changes could even be a flag of the user
[16:17:48] NoLaN w0rk: it wouldnt even be a good or bad flag really
[16:17:51] NoLaN w0rk: just informative
[16:18:09] NoLaN w0rk: i mean, if all of the sudden im really useful/acurate on my edits, it would be like 'new editor in town!' tag or something
[16:18:21] MaxX Unlimited Z: heh, yea
[16:18:21] NoLaN w0rk: which to admins is a 'is this guy a fake?' flag at the same time
[16:18:31] NoLaN w0rk: which i think is really neat
[16:18:48] MaxX Unlimited Z: man, metabase needs to be expanded, and put into full use
[16:18:59] NoLaN w0rk: so you have like super-tiered metamoderation for the moderators modding the metabase
[16:19:02] NoLaN w0rk: =P
[16:19:08] NoLaN w0rk: woot
[16:19:13] MaxX Unlimited Z: i need to make the "content" part of it more generic tho, move it away from images
[16:19:18] NoLaN w0rk: /agree
[16:19:30] NoLaN w0rk: it should be content, with attributes
[16:19:37] MaxX Unlimited Z: images, videos, word docs, URL links, etc
[16:19:39] NoLaN w0rk: generally one will be binary in nature
[16:19:58] NoLaN w0rk: the binary attribute should be just an attribute though, but the 'primary' one
[16:20:12] NoLaN w0rk: but i mean, you could use this for like, a dictionary
[16:20:13] NoLaN w0rk: with words
[16:20:35] NoLaN w0rk: where properties were like 'verb' and 'to throw through a window' and 'dr mcninja'
[16:20:36] NoLaN w0rk: and stuff
[16:20:43] NoLaN w0rk: (defenestrate)
[16:21:10] MaxX Unlimited Z: so like a dictionary + thesaurous all at once
[16:21:11] MaxX Unlimited Z: lol
[16:21:12] NoLaN w0rk: (word type), (def), (reference of some sort)
[16:21:13] NoLaN w0rk: yeah
[16:21:18] NoLaN w0rk: i mean im just giving a random example
[16:21:21] NoLaN w0rk: metabase can be anything
[16:21:22] NoLaN w0rk: like rmx
[16:21:25] MaxX Unlimited Z: right
[16:21:29] MaxX Unlimited Z: man, fucking everythings... :P
[16:21:39] MaxX Unlimited Z: what is it with me and trying to do fucking EVERYTING?
[16:21:40] NoLaN w0rk: ultimately everything you make can be everything/anything
[16:21:44] NoLaN w0rk: dude i dunno
[16:21:47] NoLaN w0rk: but its sweet
[16:21:53] NoLaN w0rk: the only problem is theres so much to do
[16:21:57] NoLaN w0rk: i dont know where to go
[16:21:58] NoLaN w0rk: hehe
[16:21:58] MaxX Unlimited Z: yea
[16:22:07] NoLaN w0rk: its like 'here, do anything'
[16:22:11] NoLaN w0rk: wtf do you do
[16:22:12] NoLaN w0rk: heh
[16:22:19] MaxX Unlimited Z: its extremely hard to market
[16:22:30] NoLaN w0rk: i still want to find you investors to get some high end marketable examples o frmx
[16:22:39] NoLaN w0rk: like the irrigation system
[16:22:59] MaxX Unlimited Z: wwweeeelllllllllll..... if i take this opportunity at X10..... heh... ;)
[16:23:52] NoLaN w0rk: or whole green house thing for that matter, i mean, controlled lights, curtains, fans, watering, plant soil-water saturation monitor, problem alert system (system calls your cel phone, emails you, etc)
[16:24:05] NoLaN w0rk: i mean, man
[16:24:08] NoLaN w0rk: anything
[16:24:40] MaxX Unlimited Z: thats what i need
[16:24:43] MaxX Unlimited Z: email plugin for rmx
[16:24:44] MaxX Unlimited Z: :)
[16:24:46] NoLaN w0rk: yeah
[16:24:51] NoLaN w0rk: you need an output
[16:24:57] NoLaN w0rk: you need more output plugins
[16:25:06] NoLaN w0rk: heh
[16:25:19] MaxX Unlimited Z: what i need, is to finish this "logging" system i'm working on
[16:25:21] NoLaN w0rk: you have http, right? thats io(in/out)
[16:25:24] MaxX Unlimited Z: which handles auto-generated events
[16:25:31] NoLaN w0rk: mm, yeah
[16:25:33] MaxX Unlimited Z: basic HTTP, that i want to re-do
[16:25:37] NoLaN w0rk: ok
[16:25:47] NoLaN w0rk: yeah the logging system would just be a handler really
[16:26:21] NoLaN w0rk: one plugin does log->(error,me[the plugin itself],"Telnet Connection Dropped")
[16:26:37] NoLaN w0rk: then the output plugin would grab anything of say "error" level and email it
[16:27:05] MaxX Unlimited Z: i already have "error" style notifications, fuck, i should do hooks on that.
[16:27:08] NoLaN w0rk: Emailto: blah@.... [ ] Errors [ ] Warnings
[16:27:12] NoLaN w0rk: etc