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Fetches all Primitive and Predefined GCP IAM Roles

Fetch all roles

This repository fetches the ~1,170 primitive and predefined IAM Roles in JSON format to the roles directory. A GitHub Action is configured to refresh them daily. This allows for automatic tracking of changes as they are made by GCP.

A couple of helper scripts are provided to aid in searching/listing of the output. Note that jq should be installed and in your PATH:

  • grabs the unique list of all permissions contained in all roles fetched
  • list-alpha/beta/ lists the roles labeled by GCP as alpha, beta, or GA (generally available)
  • <api.resource.verb> lists the roles that contain a specific permission passed by the first argument. e.g.: ./ container.clusters.get
  • <> lists the permissions contained by the role named <>. e.g. ./ container.admin (no need to prepend the roles/)