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A tool for helping to get files from A to B. All without the need for additional software or hardware. Squidlink utilizes Webtorrent as it's core but is geared towards ease of use for the average person.


  • Add status messages on on-drop-loading screen. It can be rather long & appear unresponsive
  • Delete links on exit from database
  • Offer a password lock for links
  • incorperate encryption
  • Change interface & integrate social networking
  • Modify interface (same as above) to incorperate multiple files, pausing, TX on demand
  • Make for tests for TDD


  • Chrome has a limitation and will not allow users to download blobs larger than 1GB. The solution is to use Firefox.
  • Wierd PUT ajax call after unrelated ajax call to a different route: "http://localhost:3005/auth login 404"

Getting Started

  • Run npm install to install dependencies
    • Use npm run lint:js to lint your JS
    • Use npm run lint:css to lint your CSS
    • Use npm test to run tests
  • Setup the databases
    • Change the database names in config/config.json to reflect your project
    • Run createdb project_name_development to create the development database
    • Run createdb project_name_test to create the test database
  • Hints
    • Utilize foremand run nodemon to have .env variables easier


Transfer file from A to B with ease (w/o the Cloud)



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