Modified nixBot project for my iPhone and Arduino Bot
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Modified nixBot project for my iPhone and Arduino Uno 3 with RN42 and btstack
Original project by nix from

Original Disclaimer


This project was done without any basic intention of been shared.

This project was basically done by myself for myself, just for fun and without code checking/cleaning ... so, it might be full of bugs !

You can use it as is, following the rules of GPLv2, but do not expect any rewrite/correction of possible bugs.

THIS PROJECT DO NOT USE THE ARDUINO IDE !! => it is designed to be build on a unix environnement using the Makefile. (I use OSX, if other you should edit the Makefile and change some variables : path to avrdude, arduino libs, etc ...)


Just an Arduino Mega based 2 wheel robot piloted via bluetooth with a BTM222 module, it also as a implementation of an autonomous mode, but not finished to implement it completely.

The piloting software is for IPhone and was done under Xcode.