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JSCombiner is similar like nzakas's combiner tools. So, your can see he's introducing for this tools idea.

But, your need to provide the entry file name of the dependency start, this is different places with nzakas combiner.


If you use npm:

npm install jscombiner

If you don't use npm, clone this repository or download the latest version using the GitHub repository Downloads link.


This module contains one function called combiner():

> var jscombiner = require('jscombiner').combiner;
> jscombiner({
        entryFile : '/path/to/main.js',
        delimiter : '',
        banner : '',
        basePath : '' 

It also adds the jscombiner command:

$ jscombiner -h
usage: <script> [options]

   -e, --entry_file    entry file
   -o, --output_file   Output file (default stdout)
   -p, --base_path     require file's base path
   -d, --delimiter     mutilple file delimiter
   -b, --banner        all code top banner comments

$ jscombiner -e main.js 
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